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Being a tourist in my home city

On Monday afternoon, I picked my parents up from Perth airport. They’ve come all the way from England to stay with us for four weeks, their first visit since I moved here 2 years ago. I say ‘stay with us’, but due to the tiny nature of the flat (with one bedroom and only an en-suite bathroom) we decided to donate our home to them for the ensuing weeks, and we are staying at my boyfriend’s parents house with them.

As my boyfriend pointed out, whilst our flat might be quite small, if they were staying in a hotel such a size would be considered a large suite. And they get to stay there without paying hotel suite prices! Oh, the luxury! Read more

Observations of an Australian election

In case you are unawares, Australia had its general election last Saturday. As a non-citizen, I am ineligible to vote. However, for the citizens of Australia, voting is compulsory – one of only ten countries in the world that enforce it.

If you’d have asked me before I moved to Australia what I thought of compulsory voting, I would have said it was a good thing. I believe people should vote for those that form government; they should be elected by the majority. However, having now lived through an election where voting is compulsory, I have a different opinion. Read more