A Collection of eGuides about Living Better with Less Waste + Less Stuff

Plastic-free, minimalism, zero waste, decluttering – I write about it all. If you’re looking for a little more help, want to go a little deeper and would love to explore these topics in more depth, these resources are just what you need.

All these eGuides are available in handy PDF format, so they will be readable on any device.

31 Day Plastic-Free Living Challenge

There’s nothing like a challenge to kick-start new habits! Plastic is everywhere: we use it, and we don’t really think about it. Yet so much plastic can be avoided. That’s what the 31 Day Plastic-Free Living Challenge is about. An introduction to living with less waste, there are 31 different challenges, tips and insights designed to kick-start your thinking, questioning and doing, all in the name of reducing our plastic footprint and doing our bit for the planet. Ignite your creativity, make positive changes, and of course, have fun along the way!

31 Day Plastic-Free Living Challenge eBook: AU$4.95

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That's a Wrap Plastic-Free Living eGuide That’s a Wrap: Tips, Tricks & Inspiration For Living Plastic Free

119 pages packed with tips, ideas and inspiration for living plastic-free. You’ll find 8 chapters covering the problems of plastic, food shopping, green cleaning, out and about, the art of change and how we make habits stick, plus much more. Beautifully laid out, That’s a Wrap is a guide for anyone just starting out on a plastic-free living adventure, as well as those of us who have begun a zero-waste or plastic-free lifestyle and are looking for extra inspiration.

That’s a Wrap eGuide: Your investment AU$19.95

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