Where to Find Zero Waste + Plastic Free Essentials Online

Where to Find Zero Waste + Plastic Free Essentials Online

As someone who does her best to discourage shopping, I’ve put off writing this guide. For years. Yet I’m regularly asked where to find certain eco-friendly products. And yes: there are certain items that make living plastic-free and zero waste easier. The purpose of this website is to make it easier for people to live more sustainable, ethical, plastic-free and zero waste lives. Very occasionally, that means stuff.

I’ve put this resource together to help anyone looking for zero waste or plastic-free alternatives. I would always encourage everyone to use what they have first, and to look for second-hand options before buying anything new. Borrowing things from friends to establish whether you will actually use them before buying is also recommended.

I would also plead: shop as local as possible, and support independent stores. We all bemoan the lack of choice, the rise of big box stores and the demise of the independent store. Yet when we buy something, the temptation is often to choose the cheapest option, rather than the most ethical.

Remember, when we buy things, we vote with our money for the companies we want to support and the kind of future we want to see.

Zero Waste and Plastic Free Online Shopping

I’ve tried to feature stores that have a range of products, rather than just one or two offerings. This list is only as good as my personal experience and the feedback and recommendations I receive. If you know of a store I should add to this list – please tell me!

The most zero waste option is always to buy from a physical store rather than to purchase online, where the option exists. The next best option is to choose the most local online store to you. Etsy is a handmade marketplace and is a great place to find handmade produce bags, reusable bags and other crafted items, and to support local producers.

Zero Waste and Plastic Free Online Shopping, Australia

Biome Eco Store

An online store (with stores in Brisbane) that isn’t exclusively plastic-free or zero waste but with a very high proportion of zero waste products. They do have a dedicated “No Waste and Plastic Free” section, and also ship their products without using plastic.

Great for: stainless steel and glass lunchboxes and containers, water bottles, reusable straws, icy pole moulds, cutlery, glass jars, bamboo dental care, and lots more.

W: biome.com.au

Delivery: Australia (Free Delivery over $130); international delivery at cost

Shop Naturally

An online store (with pickup from their warehouse available in NSW) is an online health and wellbeing store with a fair range of plastic-free products in bamboo and stainless steel, and BPA-free silicone.

Great for: water bottles, bamboo kitchenware, glass food storage, popsicle moulds and ice cube trays.

W: shopnaturally.com.au

Delivery: Australia only (free shipping starts at $100 spend and minimum spend increases with weight and postcode).

Dandelion Eco Store

An online health and wellbeing store based in Perth, WA (with pickup available from the Growers Green Farmers Market, South Fremantle on Sundays). Rachel has a growing collection of stainless steel and plastic-free food storage and food preparation containers.

Great for: plastic-free food storage solutions including lunchboxes, water bottles, other reusables.

W: dandelionecostore.com.au

Delivery: Australia only (Free shipping to Perth metro over $50; $15 flat rate shipping for Australia-wide metro with spends up to $299; free shipping Australia-wide metro for spends over $300; rural Australia shipping calculated by weight and postcode).


An online eco-store with a range of plastic free items and reusables, that ship all parcels without plastic tape or packaging.

W: ecolosophy.com.au

Delivery: Australia only ($9.95 under $150, free delivery over $150)

Going Green Solutions

An online store based in Melbourne (with local pickup available from Hurstbridge, Melbourne) with two main categories: green catering & packaging; and eco home & lifestyle. Has a broad range of products with some less-commonly found items including make-up refills.

W: goinggreensolutions.com.au

Delivery: Australia only (free delivery over $100 if less than 3kg; heavier orders calculated by weight; local pickup available)

Zero Waste and Plastic Free Online Shopping, USA and Canada

Life Without Plastic

An online store dedicated to offering products that are plastic-free, this store has everything you might need (and no doubt, plenty you don’t!) for living a plastic-free and zero waste lifestyle. All of the products are made with stainless steel, glass and wood.

W: lifewithoutplastic.com

Delivery: Flat Rate Shipping to North America & Canada (excluding Hawaii & Alaska); International Delivery at Cost

Mighty Nest

An online store with a focus on natural, organic and non-toxic products, with lots of glass, stainless steel and non-plastic options.

W: mightynest.com

Delivery: USA (free delivery over $50 except Alaska, Hawaii and US Territories), Australia and Canada (delivery at cost)

Tiny Yellow Bungalow

A small eco-store based in Athens, Georgia (local pickup is also available) dedicated to zero waste living, which also sells a small number of vintage items.

Great for: vintage and arty zero waste items, and reusables.

W: tinyyellowbungalow.com

Delivery:USA (price per order value; orders over $100 cost a flat rate $15), International ($26 for orders under $150, $36 for orders over $150)

Wild Minimalist

A small zero waste online store based in Oakland, California which also sells a small number of vintage items. They are committed to packaging items plastic-free, and use recyclable materials where possible.

W: wildminimalist.com

Delivery: USA and Canada (shipping calculated at checkout; free standard delivery for orders over $50 to the Continental U.S. & Canada)

Zero Waste and Plastic Free Online Shopping, UK and Ireland

A Slice of Green

The sister site of Green Tulip (listed below), A Slice of Green products are focused on waste minimization and the mantra “reduce-reuse-recycle”. Not all products are plastic-free, but the emphasis is on reusables and sustainability. Focussed on food preparation, storage and transport.

W : asliceofgreen.co.uk

Delivery: UK (free delivery over £30, costs £2.95 under £30), international delivery at cost (on request)

Green Tulip

An ethical gifts website with 6 core values: organic, natural, British, recycled, sustainable and fair trade. Their sister site A Slice of Green focuses on food-based reusables, but Green Tulip has plenty of sustainable alternatives to conventional products including garden, wellbeing and recycled glass.

W: greentulip.co.uk

Delivery: UK (free delivery over £30, costs £2.95 under £30), international delivery at cost (on request)


Boobalou is a small UK company working to reduce household waste, with a huge focus on family-friendly reusables. There are four main categories: eco lady, eco baby, eco home and eco living. Whilst not everything is plastic-free, the majority is, and all of the products are more eco-friendly than conventional alternatives.

Great for: anyone with babies, young kids and families.

W: boobalou.co.uk

Delivery: UK (free delivery over £50, costs £2.85 under £50), International (£6.85 flat rate; large orders at cost)

Less Plastic

This small online store is committed to promoting the plastic-free way of life, and all products are designed to live without (or with less plastic). Most products are for food prep, storage and transport, with a real emphasis on stainless steel reusables.

W: lessplastic.co.uk

Delivery: UK (£3.50 under £50, free delivery over £50), international delivery on request

Eqo Living

A small online store and family business committed to offering eco-friendly, reusable products for living with less waste. Most products are for food preparation, storage and transport.

W: eqoliving.com

Delivery: UK only (£4.90 standard delivery under £100, free delivery over £100)

Ethical Superstore

This isn’t a plastic-free or zero waste store as such, and there is plenty of plastic! But there is such a vast array of products (it is definitely a superstore!) that there are some zero waste options. They have a home composting section, bamboo homewares, and a small selection of reusables. You won’t find specialist zero waste products here but it is helpful for the basics. They also have a big range of organic natural clothing.

W: ethicalsuperstore.com

Delivery: UK and Ireland only (free delivery over £50)

Natural Collection

Owned by the same company as Ethical Superstore, this online shop has many of the same products but they seem to run different offers, so it may be worth checking both.

W: naturalcollection.com

Delivery: UK and Ireland only (free delivery over £50)

Zero Waste and Plastic Free Online Shopping, Europe

European stores are divided into two sections: those with English versions and those without. (The latter are presented as a list simply because I am unable to read them to give a more detailed account of their offering!)

Sinplastico (Spain)

A Spanish website (with English and French translations) that focuses on alternative products to plastic. There are five categories: kitchen, bath & body, home, kids & babies, and takeaway.

W : sinplastico.com

Delivery: Europe (Spain and Portugal €3-10 under €120, free over €120; France €10 under €120, free over €200; rest of Europe €15 under €120, €10 over €200)

Non-English Online Zero Waste Stores:


Sans BPA
W: sans-bpa.com


W: laguna-onlineshop.de

W: monomeer.de

Original Unverpackt
W: original-unverpackt.de

W: plasno.de

W: einfach-ohne-plastik.at

Zero Waste Laden
W: zerowasteladen.de

Zero Waste Shop
W: zerowasteshop.de


W: babongoshop.nl

W: ecomondo.nl

Now I’d love to hear from you! Please help make this list as useful as possible to as many people as possible! If you know of a store that’s missing, please let me know in the comments so I can add it to the list. If you have any experiences of these (or other) stores, please share away and let everyone know your thoughts – good and bad! Any other tips or alternatives to find products also welcome. Tell me what you think in the comments below!

Disclaimer: These companies have been included by me or recommended by my readers as great online stores to purchase zero waste or plastic-free products, based solely on their product offering, ethics and customer service. No store has paid me to be featured on this list. Whilst I have not personally shopped at all of these stores, I can recognise products that I own or recommend in their pages, and I trust the opinion of my readers. This post contains some affiliate links which means if you click a link and choose to purchase a product, I may be compensated a small amount at no extra cost to you. This in no way affects my recommendations as my priority is always you, my readers.

43 Responses to Where to Find Zero Waste + Plastic Free Essentials Online

  1. There are some in Germany who propably also send to Austria and Switzerland:

    http://plasno.de with quite a good selection for kitchen, bath room, office, kids…
    http://www.monomeer.de for office and body (strange combination, I know)
    https://shop.original-unverpackt.de/ is the online Version of Berlins first unpackaged shop (for non-food items)
    https://www.memolife.de is not really plastic or waste free, but “ecological”, “fair” and “sustainable” with a huge selection of quite everything.

    There are some more (see for example https://utopia.de/ratgeber/plastikfrei-einkaufen-die-besten-onlineshops-im-vergleich/) which I don’t know personally.

  2. I am a fan of Eco At Home http://www.ecoathome.com.au/. They do online, in store, and click and collect options. All the regular eco products plus a huge range of eco paints, oils, etc and some good bamboo and vegetable fibre dinnerware which is great for reusable picnic supplies or everyday use. Location is in Willoughby (Sydney – north side). Extremely friendly and helpful staff, you can ask them anything.

    • Yep, I know, my geography is pretty good, and I’m from the UK! ;p I split them up as I found lots of UK websites that didn’t deliver to mainland Europe, and there are lots of European websites that don’t have English versions. I thought that categorizing them in this way would be much more helpful for everyone!

      Being from the UK, I already knew a few UK stores, but my European knowledge is lacking. I also know that UK residents would rather buy from UK stores to avoid delays in delivery and customs etc. Maybe that is also true for mainland European countries, but I don’t know enough about all the intricacies. As my European section is rather small at the moment I’ve grouped mainland Europe stores into one, but if it gets bigger I will split them into individual countries.

      Hope that makes sense!

  3. That’s a great collection for plastic free inspiration! In our eco store https://www.ecomondo.nl we offer a lot of resuable water bottles, cups and other products to cut on single use plastics. We only use recycled packaging to ship to our clients, mostly in the Netherlands and Belgium. We pick up litter daily and in our spare time we clean up beaches where ever we are.

  4. I’m from Barcelona so all of my zero waste purchases have been at Sinplástico, which is amazing. They have everything you need to make the switch, the prices are ok and they ship super fast and of course with sustainable and compostable packaging. I love them!

  5. Hi Lindsay,

    Have just come across your blog and really enjoying reading yor posts.

    Just wondering where you get vinegar that isnt in plastic bottles?

    Thanks Kate

    • Hi Kate, thanks for your question. I buy white vinegar from Manna in Fremantle in bulk. It’s possible to buy cleaning vinegar (10%) from Planet Ark in Fremantle too. Otherwise apple cider vinegar is available in bulk from Dunn & Walton in Doubleview and maybe Source Bulk Foods. Or I make my own apple scraps vinegar – I will blog about that sometime soon! Hope that helps :)

      • Thats great thanks Lindsay will have to seek out some similar suppliers in Sydney. The home made recipe sounds good. Would you use apple cider vinegar for cleaning? Thanks again Kate

        • Hi Kate, hope you find somewhere – I’m sure you will! Yes, I use apple cider vinegar for cleaning. Not surfaces, I think it would be sticky, but down the toilet and other drains. If I didn’t have any white vinegar I’d probably make do for other purposes too if I was desperate! ;)

  6. Great list! I love browsing the online retailers abroad for inspiration!
    A couple US resources:
    1) Might Nest – it’s an online retailer, but focused on sustainable resources, with a kid/family focus. Lots of different brands offered, including eco lunchboxes.
    2) Norwex – I sell locally in Northern Virginia, or online. The microfiber cloths that allow cleaning with just water have been huge in eliminating cleaning products in our home. They are manufactured in an ethical factory in China, but are warrantied for 2 years and tested out to 500 washes. (There are also other products such as wool dryer balls, stainless straws, etc that would apply here).

    • Thank you Erin! I have an enormous list of stores to check out and add. I’m loving that there are so many good options out there. I’m torn with microfibre cloths – they clean brilliantly, but they also shed plastic microfibres every time they are washed. But I will check the site out and have a look anyways :)

  7. Thanks for sharing the Ecolosophy online shop Lindsay! We love our little eco store. Our aim has always been to make life lovelier for like minded peeps, by offering reusable, recyclable and long lasting items for the home and garden. Great to see so many wonderful stores across the globe and the ever growing support from consumers for small eco-businesses :)

  8. Thank you for your lovely review Lindsay, we love to hear from people who share our ethos and values. A waste free lifestyle may seem so difficult for many people in the modern world, so it’s fantastic to read your story

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