That's a Wrap Plastic Free Book Guide

That's a Wrap: A Plastic-Free Living Guide 

(with practical tips, actionable ideas + all-round inspiration for living plastic-free.)

This isn't a guide on what to buy, or where. This guide is all about HOW. 

  • Want to kick-start your plastic-free living adventure?
  • Need some motivation to take the next step?
  • Wondering how to incorporate changes into your lifestyle?
  • Looking for solutions that are easy to implement?
  • Like some practical steps for changing your habits for good?
  • Curious about what to change first, and how to see progress quickly?

Introducing 'That's a Wrap'...

Plastic-free living is a way to:

  • Nurture our curiosity and creativity;
  • Improve our health: ditch the junk food, remove the chemicals from our homes, and eat better;
  • Support independent businesses in our local area;
  • Connect with a whole community passionate about doing what we can to make a difference;
  • Find solutions to make the world a better place;
  • Reduce our rubbish and waste a whole lot less!

"I downloaded your e-book at the weekend, and it's AMAZING! It looks so fab and is packed full of really useful, practical content. I have previously put plastic-free very firmly in my 'too hard' pile, but reading your book has made me reconsider and I'm keen to start implementing some little changes, and beginning my plastic free journey, so thank you!"

- Jen Gale, UK


Living zero waste or plastic-free isn't just about knowing where to shop, or what to buy. It's about looking at problems in a different light. Doing things in a different way. 

Thinking of solutions.

What's Inside

That's a Wrap comprises 8 chapters covering the problems of plastic, where to start, food shopping, out and about, green cleaning, health and beauty, and around the house; as well as the art of change and how we make habits stick, plus so much more. 

Inspiring both to read and to look at

Professionally illustrated and beautifully laid out, That's a Wrap is the perfect guide for anyone just starting out on a plastic-free living adventure, as well as those of us who are already committed to a zero-waste or plastic-free lifestyle and looking for extra inspiration.

A Word From Lindsay

I always thought I was a pretty responsible and eco-conscious citizen. After all, I purchased eco-friendly washing up liquid, recycled everything, and took my own bags to the shops.

Never mind that I'd fill those bags with overpackaged plastic items!

I wondered why didn't the companies do something about it? Why didn't businesses do something about it? Why didn't governments do something about it?

I just didn't ask myself the question: why didn't I do something about it? 

Back in 2012, I made the decision to go plastic-free. I decided to stop waiting for others to do something, and start making the changes I wanted to see myself. 

I created That's A Wrap to share what I've learned; to inspire others to make small (and big!) changes to their lives; and to help look after the planet. After all, the world is a beautiful place, and the waste that we create is spoiling it for everyone and everything. Yet so much of this waste is unneccessary. 

It's time to do something about it.

I passionately believe that we can all make a difference. We simply need to focus on the things we can do, rather than the things that are out of our control. Let's begin with looking at the simple decisions we make every day, and making better choices! 

We all have that power, and together we can start something great.

"This eBook is the perfect tool for those wanting to ease up on the plastic in their life. Lindsay has filled the pages with helpful and practical tips that are accessible to everyone. Giving up plastic might seem overwhelming but this book demonstrates ditching single use plastic is completely doable. Each chapter is written in an approachable and friendly manner accompanied by fun graphics. I learnt a lot from this book!"

- Erin Rhoads, Australia

That's a Wrap. Your Investment: AU$19.95

Why put off until tomorrow the changes that you could start making today?

The tide is turning on plastic. Zero-waste stores are popping up all over the globe, plastic bag bans are increasing, governments are legislating and habits are changing.

But it's turning slowly, and your help is needed too!

Together, we're starting a movement.

The more people that come on-board, the more power we have to make real, lasting change.

"Be the change you want to see in the world." ~Mahatma Gandhi.

AUD $19.95

"That's a Wrap" doesn't just explain what's wrong with plastic and debug the recycling argument, it helps kick-start your plastic-free journey! It's a practical, non-judgmental book that inspires newbies. Those that have been on the plastic-free boat for a while will find this book very helpful for educational purposes. I highly recommend the book!"

- Annemieke van den Dool, Netherlands