A new beginning…

A new beginning…

Today I re-join the employed ranks of the world. I’m starting a new job. Not only that, but it’s a full-time job. It was never my intention to be unemployed for so long (since April this year). Way back then, I was feeling pretty optimistic about my future work plans. I had some exciting work and freelance opportunities I was hoping would come to fruition, but one by one, they fell by the wayside. I dreamed about setting up my own sustainability education business (something I’d still love to do), but these things take time, money…and, seemingly, a lot more confidence than I can muster.

It was time to find a job.

The last two weeks have been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, if I’m honest. I find job applications stressful, interviews difficult and the waiting game frustrating. The job I applied for (and got) fits with my values and ethos (I’m not about to start working for the big-chain supermarkets!), but whilst I’m really pleased I found this job, at first I felt like I’d failed. I want so much to be more involved with the sustainability movement, not less. Full-time employment is going to be a bit of a culture shock, particularly with the reduced amount of free time I’ll have. I even wondered whether it was time to give up the blog, accept that I’d failed at what I wanted to do, and move on. And probably go shopping to make myself feel better. (About the shopping – just kidding! : p)

Fortunately I have friends who are able to talk sense. One pointed out that far more people want to work in the sustainability industry than there are jobs for; and that starting your own business is hard, plus it takes time. Another said “Who do you have to be in the sustainability industry to make a difference? You don’t!”

Oh yeah!

Isn’t that what I’m always talking about on the blog – how small everyday actions actually make a real difference, and lead to big changes?!

Another friend (goodness, I do keep the company of some wise people) reminded me of the saying “if you want something done, ask a busy person to do it”. I’m going to have a lot less free time, but hopefully I will be more motivated to use that free time far more wisely. When the days merge into one another and there’s no timelines or deadlines, it’s easy to put things off. There is always tomorrow.

So whilst it’s going to be a huge shift for me, I’m realising that it doesn’t mean I’ve failed, or that I’m going backwards. I’m still going in the direction I want to go in, just maybe more slowly than I’d imagined. But isn’t that often the way? The reality doesn’t always (if ever) match up to how we think things will be. Whilst I love the idea of not needing money and being self-sufficient, let’s be real here. I am not anywhere near that, and money is pretty useful for things like food and rent! Whilst I’m not quite sure what the next year will look like yet for me, the good news in the blog is staying. I hope you’re pleased! : )

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  1. Hi Lindsay, Glad to hear your news! I share your thoughts on wanting to be more involved in the sustainability arena, especially if it involves being paid to do so. If only….To align your values and beliefs with viable employment must be one of the hardest challenges available to us all. Regardless of how your job pans out, it no doubt will lead positively to the ever evolving person that you are, and I do wish it serves you well. I continue to look forward to hearing from you via your inspirational blog. Keep it going even if you slow it down a bit. :) Leah

    • Hi Leah, thanks! It’s a tough choice because whilst I’d love to work in this field. I just can’t keep on working for free – I don’t have that financial freedom! I know money isn’t everything, but it does pay the bills. Getting a job has actually inspired me to read the Moneyless Manifesto – have you read it? (I’ve just started).

      I’m hoping to keep it going as it is now, but time will tell if it has to slow down a little. Thing is, all these things get me fired up! So hopefully it won’t!

  2. Taking a moment to check email via my phone I find you considered ending your blog! So relieved you changed your mind. You are by far my go-to on sustainability issues. Where else would I find information pertaining to the important issues in my life’s circumstances, ie tea bags and so much more.

    I have noticed how many more people have found you and are sharing your posts, your voice is needed!

    Good luck with your new job and thank you for all the work you do for us in blogland.

    • I think I was having a “feeling sorry for myself” moment. It might take a while to re-establish a routine (I haven’t written a blog post for tomorrow, for example) but this is what I want to do, so I best keep at it!

      Glad you find my blog useful : ) And thanks!

      • Lindsay, my schedule has been disrupted by my move and now the work on the house so I know exactly what you mean about getting into the routine. I’m just glad you will be sticking around.

        • Thanks : ) Looking forward to settling into a routine and getting stuck back into the blog properly again, and being able to read what everyone else is up to!

  3. I am pleased you will continue writing your blog as it is useful to me and I think you have a significant readership — who together do make a difference one small thing at a time. Best of luck in your new life of full time employment.

    • That’s what I’m always saying myself, isn’t it? One small thing at a time, and it all adds up : ) Thanks for your kind words, I’m so glad you find the blog useful!

  4. Don’t give up blogging! I also love reading your blog and only recently found it. I’m sure I’m not the only person you inspire- so think of it this way- you are changing the world, person by person as they find your blog.

    Sometimes we do get to do what we love for a living and sometimes, we get to have a living and do what we love on the side. Just because the two haven’t crossed over right now- doesn’t mean they won’t in the future. I don’t want to be overly positive and optimistic because I know it’s the hardest thing in the world when you think your dreams haven’t worked out. But isn’t it funny how sometimes you almost give up on them and then they come right back around, even better than the last time!

    I actually think you can have a lot of impact, as a ‘real’ person trying to live out your values. It’s not always plain sailing and it means people can relate.

    • Changing the world one person at a time, I like it! Only a few more billion to go…now there’s a challenge! And I do like a challenge!

      You’re right of course. I have had so many situations that I have thought would potentially work out, and then they haven’t, I keep thinking to myself that it’s because something better is right around the corner. But sometimes I feel like it’s an awfully big corner, and I’m spending rather a long time going around it! Still, I think we have to trust the universe. And keep going in the direction of our dreams and goals. I think when we look back, we are usually glad that things work out the way they did.

      That’s true. I find it easier to relate to those blogs that are real with people on a journey, much more than the “ten years ago I was like you but then I changed and here is the end result” ones. I’m like, yeah but how did you get there?!?!?!

      Thanks so much for your lovely comment!

    • My pleasure. I don’t know whether the library will have it, but in keeping with the ethos, it’s possible to read the entire thing online! Before I had the tablet I found reading on a computer quite hard, but now I’m in the 21st Century it’s so much easier, so I’m giving it a go.

      If you have a read of it we can have a mini book club discussion about it! Maybe some other peeps might be interested too… (It will give me an incenitve to get past the first chapter…)!

  5. Congratulations on your new job Lindsay! This is a big change, so please take your time to adjust. Be patient with yourself when learning to manage your time. I myself recently decided to cut down the time I spend online significantly. Glad to read that your blog will continue!

    • Ah thanks Amy, we will have a cup of (plastic-free) tea and I can tell you all about it…although how to fit it in now this job is taking up all my free time?!…. : p

      …If there’s tea involved I’m pretty sure the time can be found!

  6. I’m glad to hear you’re going to keep on blogging — I love your thoughtful posts, and I feel like you keep me on track — and also happy for you that you’ve found a job. I always hear “it’s easier to find a job when you already have one” so I’m hoping your new job will be the path to your dream job.

  7. Congratulations and good on your for keeping your blog. We need more voices. I work in a job that is in NO way related to sustainability, plastic free living or zero waste. But i keep plugging at my blog spreading the word and working my corporate gig. I want to show people that you can do both. I might wear a (second hand) suit to work but I can totally rock a plastic free and zero waste life doing so.

    • Haha, I guess I want to show people that you don’t have to do both! Sadly it hasn’t worked out like that…just yet. Still, once I’m in a routine I’ll be back to saving the world one piece of plastic at a time : p

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