Blogging, not blogging and holidays

You may remember that I wrote a post in September about how my life was going to be ridiculously busy over the coming three months? And how I was hoping that I’d be able to juggle everything successfully? Well, it hasn’t quite been the plain sailing that I’d hoped. I knew it was going to be a challenge, and whilst I was hopeful that I could manage everything, I knew it was a long shot. In fact it’s been super hectic and stressful, and of course some things have had to give. One of those things has been the blog. I haven’t been posting as frequently as usual because I’ve been so busy.

Fortunately, the end is in sight and we are due to go on a long (four week) holiday in just under two weeks. Bliss. Of course it would probably be a little less stressful if we’d actually done something in the way of preparations other than make sure our passports were valid and book flights, but no matter. Next Friday night we will be off, and leaving all this busy whirring spinning busy-ness behind us.

At the start of my busy three months I had this great idea that I could try to blog whilst on holiday. Then I came up with the idea that I could write some posts in advance so I’d still be able to keep the blog running whilst I’m away. Now, I’m realising, it is much better to accept that I don’t have enough time, and if I really want to have a relaxing break and recharge, I’m going to have to leave all this behind.

I was going to apologise, but then I realised that I don’t need to. I need to take a break, and I’m not sorry that I’m taking the time out to properly recharge.

As someone who likes to take on far too much, i think this is a good lesson for me. Of course I want to keep blogging, but I think I’ll feel far better having taken a month off. I want to write things that people want to read, rather than churning out posts just to achieve a number that I have decided in my head would be a good number, but in reality is pretty meaningless.

Maybe you noticed that I’ve been around a bit less than usual. Maybe you didn’t! Well over the next two weeks I hope to still be posting a little, and then I’m off, and there’ll be blog silence for a while. Fear not though, I will be returning in full swing in January! I still have far too much to write about, so there’s no chance that i won’t be back. I’ll just be back with a lot more energy to match my enthusiasm!

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