Friday night movie – the Clean Bin Project

I went to see another “eco” movie at a community screening on Friday. This time I saw the Clean Bin Project. It’s about a Canadian couple, Jen and Grant, who pledge to buy nothing for a year, and each collect their landfill waste for 12 months to see who has the least impact. The goal is zero landfill waste. The movie isn’t really about the competition, but rather the journey, and the issues with waste and landfill. There’s some great interviews with some really inspiring people involved in spreading the waste message, too.

You probably know that I love Bag It!, an awesome movie about the impact of plastic, and the Clean Bin Project has a similar theme, a similar feel and a similar message. I loved the Clean Bin Project too – the couple are funny, likeable and down-to-earth, the commentary about wider issues of waste is great, plus overall it is hugely inspiring. Having seen Bag It, I was already aware of many of the issues (such as the impacts of plastic on Albatross chicks on Midway Atoll) but there is always something new (or many things) to learn.

There’s no lectures or judgements in the documentary, either. It is about what two people have done to try to make their lives more sustainable. That is why it is so inspiring – because they are just like everyone else, doing the kinds of things that everyone else does – but without creating waste. It demonstrates that everyone could do it – if they had the motivation, or understanding, or commitment. I love seeing the waste message on the big screen, hopefully reaching people who haven’t really ever thought about it before, and inspiring change.

If you haven’t seen the Clean Bin Project, you must. If you haven’t seen Bag It either, you have to see at least one of these films. Preferably both! Seriously, what are you waiting for?!

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