The possibility of today

Yesterday I was trawling the internet and just as I clicked away from the page I was on, four words caught my eye. I only caught a glimpse before the next page loaded and they were gone.

“The possibility of today.”

That little statement really grabbed my attention. Sometimes I read or see things, and they just resonate with me. They must be things I need to see or hear in that moment. Maybe last week it wouldn’t have grabbed my attention. But right then, it did.

I didn’t go back, to see what it was referring to. I didn’t want to know. It didn’t matter. I made my own mind up about what it meant for me.

I’m a lover of lists. I love to plan. I’m always dreaming up schemes, thinking of great ideas, noting down what needs to be doing… but often these things don’t happen straightaway. There’s always a reason why it should wait.

I’ll have more time at the weekend.

I’m not ready.

I’m not sure how to start.

I’ll know more in a few weeks and then I’ll do a better job.

Well you know what?! Today is that day that I’ve been waiting for. All those things that have been delayed until the right time? Now is the right time. Rather than getting to the end of the weekend and lamenting how the time went so fast and I didn’t get half of what I’d planned to do finished (or even started), I intend to be congratulating myself on how much I achieved.

One other thing. I’m not going to write a list. I’m just going to “do”. I’m going to start and see where I end up. That’s possibility, after all. The element of not knowing. Rather than being guided by my conscious thoughts (in list form), I’m going to let things unfold on their own, and see where things end up.

I’m sure you’re like me, with jobs you know you need to get done but that you keep putting off. Well, join me! Put them off no longer! Today everything is possible.

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  1. Jamie
    Jamie says:

    Thanks for the inspiring post! You are right of course, now I’m going to do something I’ve been putting off for far too long. Thanks.

    • treadingmyownpath
      treadingmyownpath says:

      My pleasure! I’ve had a very productive day today, and was super pleased when I looked at the time and it was only 4pm! Still loads of time left to get stuff done! It’s amazing what difference changing your mindset can make.

  2. Becsy
    Becsy says:

    This is so true! I have also been working on changing my mindset a lot recently, and taking advantage of any new opportunity which comes my way


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