You’ve made it: the last day of Plastic Free July!

Today is 31st July. If you’ve been taking part in Plastic Free July this year, you’ve probably been counting down this day as you’ve struggled with a month of buying no single use disposable plastic. Well here it is!

Congratulations – you made it!

The bad news is, you’re now free to go back to your old ways, to consume as much single use disposable plastic as you like.

plasticshoppingThe good news is, that you can never completely go back to the way you were before. Plastic Free July opens our eyes to the amount of plastic out there in the world, and once we start seeing it, we can’t stop. I’m sure everyone who has taken part is more aware of the problems caused by plastic, and can see that a lot of the plastic in our everyday lives is unnecessary.


Even if you don’t want to remain plastic-free after July, fingers crossed you’ll have picked up some tips, found some plastic free alternatives and developed some new habits that will keep your plastic consumption down.

After Plastic Free July – what’s next

My boyfriend and I are presenting at the Plastic Free July closing event tonight. We’ve been asked to talk about how our lives have changed since we finished Plastic Free July last year (2012). For us, there was no going back to plastic after July was over. It’s been an interesting and rewarding 12 months, and it will be fun to share our experiences with the local community.
Plastic Free July, and the movie Bag It!, were definitely defining moments in our lives (however cheesy that may sound!) and really made us change so much about the way we lived.

I hope taking part in Plastic Free July has been some kind of inspiration for you too?

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