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Zero waste and plastic free living. Simple living and minimalism. Real food and recipes. Community.

Hello. I’m Lindsay.
And I’m so glad you’re here!

Do you want to do your bit to have a positive impact on our world (whilst finding fulfilment, freedom and fun in the process)? If you care about our planet and the consequences your actions have (and I know that you do), and you’re looking for a better way of living, then you’re in the right place!

I teach others how to live better with less stuff and less waste. How to take action. I’m on a journey to live the most sustainable life I can, and I’m committed to leaving the world a little bit better than I found it. I’m learning and growing all the time (I’m by no means perfect!), and I want to share what I learn to support others to take positive steps in their own lives. I’m proof that it’s possible to be happy and live a fun and fulfilling life without exploiting others or trashing the planet. I share tips, insights, how-tos and advice, and I create resources for living a better life with less stuff and less waste.

Because there is a better way to live than accumulating more and more, and tossing it in the trash when we’re done. Letting go of the excess means making room for new experiences and time for doing what we truly love. Who doesn’t want more of that?


Let me introduce myself properly. My name is Lindsay Miles and I’m a writer, blogger, speaker,  workshop facilitator and community organiser. I have a passion for ethical and sustainable living: learning everything I can, sharing everything I learn and inspiring change! I’ve learned how to simplify, find my “enough” and let go of the excess. I’ve learned to reconnect with the seasons, eat real food, and remove harmful chemicals from my home. I’ve discovered a passion for community and bringing people together. I’ve embraced creativity and learned new skills, finding freedom and fun along the way. Now I share what I’ve learned to help others begin and progress on their journeys too!

How did I get here?

// I always thought I lived in a pretty sustainable way. I recycled diligently, I purchased recycled toilet paper and eco-friendly dishwashing liquid, and I always took my own bags to the shops. Never mind that I’d fill those bags with plastic-packaged products! I’d mutter under my breath that someone should do something about all the excess and waste… but it never occurred to me that I could start with me, and the way I lived. I couldn’t bear waste, but I thought my responsibility ended with recycling. Little did I realise that was only the beginning ; )

// Everything changed in 2012. I came across a flyer in my local library that June, with a challenge, Plastic Free July, and a question: could you give up plastic for the month of July? Give up plastic for a month, I thought. No problem – I’m pretty green already; I take my own bags to the shops!  I cringe at my naivety now. As part of the campaign, there was a community screening of Bag It! I went along. That movie was my lightbulb moment. It literally changed my life. I came out of that screening with my eyes open for the first time. I finally understood the issues, the need for change… and what I could do about it. I could see plastic was everywhere… including my own home. I’d never noticed. It was as if I’d been walking round with my eyes shut for my entire life. I realised that this plastic-free challenge wasn’t going to be a month-long attempt. I wasn’t going to go back to my old ways when it was over. How could I, now I saw what I saw? There was no turning back.

// But it was more than that. It was the realisation that if I wanted the world to change, I had to start with me. It was no good just wishing for it to be better, and doing nothing about it. I had to be the change I wanted to see. I may not be able to do everything, but I can do something. We can all do something. I realised that sustainability isn’t just about big-picture stuff like “saving the rainforests”. It is as much about the little things we do and the choices we make every day. Collectively our choices have massive consequences, and if we make them wisely, we have the power to bring about real, positive change.

// So I got out into the world to see what other people were up to, and how they were living. I started learning. I started connecting. Biggest of all, I started doing. I started writing about what I’d learned, sharing what I knew, talking about my journey and researching what else could be done.

My journey started with plastic, but like all journeys, there were twists and turns. I discovered another way to live: one that didn’t involve shopping, or stuff, or chasing more. A life of enough. A life that made time for the things that are were important, and let go of what wasn’t. A life that prioritised family and friends, having experiences and helping others over the pursuit of possessions.

I’m still learning. I’m still connecting. And I’m still sharing as I go.

This is my journey.

I’d love it if you came to join me on this path!

Lots of love, Lindsay x

PS Want to know me even better? Here’s 15 quirky facts about me you probably wouldn’t have guessed!

What does sustainable living mean to me? Let me explain…

Simple Living


Simple living doesn’t mean living in a cave, giving up electricity and weaving our own clothes! It’s about recognizing what is enough, learning to live within our means and enjoying life’s simple pleasures. It’s not about going without; it’s about finding happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment from within, rather than looking to money or objects. For me, this means spending time with friends and family, learning, sharing and creating; and enjoying the outdoors.

Simple living is about choosing to simplify. It means getting rid of the clutter (both physical and emotional), living with less, stripping back to what’s important and ignoring what’s not. It’s a minimalist approach, and it’s immensely rewarding.

Waste (and Living Without Plastic)


Living with less also means living with less waste. Recognizing that there is no “away” and realising that just because things are gone from our homes, it doesn’t mean they’ve disappeared.

I’ve always hated waste but I thought that recycling was the answer; the green solution. Wrong! My epiphany came when I watched the movie Bag It! which opened my eyes to the problems with plastic. Not just the environmental impacts: the pollution, the fossil fuels they use in their manufacture and the harm they cause to marine life, but also the health impacts they have on us – humans. Mostly in the name of convenience.

It made me realise that we need to rethink waste (and not just plastic waste) completely. There is so much that we as consumers just aren’t told. We should be recycling as little as possible – because we shouldn’t be generating so much waste in the first place!

Clean Eating/Real Food


I love food! When I say food, I mean real food. Food made from real ingredients: ingredients that were alive, that were growing. Ingredients with names that we recognise, that our great-grandmothers would recognise. Real food means proper meals, made from scratch and prepared with love. No chemicals, no fake ingredients, no fillers or artificial preservatives. If it was manufactured in a factory, from ingredients made by chemists and shaped into products that look like food; if it contains chemical names that we can’t pronounce, then it isn’t real food. And our bodies can tell the difference.

I thought I ate a healthy diet until I gave up plastic. Once I started avoiding food in plastic packaging, I realised just how much junk I had actually been buying. Now I’ve reconnected with local producers, with Farmers Markets and I make more from scratch. I no longer shop at supermarkets, I feel healthier and my conscience is cleaner, too!

Ethical Consumption

shopping trolley

We are all consumers to some extent, and every time we make a purchase, we are voting with our wallets for the kind of world we want to live in. If we want to see fertile soils and healthy farmland, thriving hedgerows and clean water supplies, we need to buy organic and support organic farming practices. If we want to see local businesses thrive, support local skills and grow our local economies, we need to buy locally produced goods and support Farmers Markets. If we want to see workers and farmers in developing countries receive a fair price for their labour or produce, we need to support fair trade.

We can’t want to see an end to world poverty, and then buy the cheapest pair of jeans because we see a bargain. We can’t wish that organic produce was more readily available and buy conventional produce because its cheaper. We can’t hope that deforestation will decline and then buy brand new hardwood furniture because it matches our curtains. There is no disconnect between what we want to see and how we spend our money. Things will never change if we don’t support the people and companies that are working to make a difference.

Creating Community


It can feel isolating, to go against what everyone else seems to want to do. The world can feel like such a huge place, and it’s easy to feel small and insignificant. Sometimes it can feel like an uphill battle. But you know what? You’re not alone. We’re all in this together.

That’s why strengthening our communities is so important. Connecting with others who share our ideas, understand our concerns and want to make a difference too. A space that provides support, aids learning and explores different ways of doing things. Treading My Own Path is an online space for like-minded people to come together to learn, to share ideas, to inspire others and to be inspired. We’re creating a community from all over the world.

I love our online community, but it’s important for me to connect with others in the place where I live too. That’s why I organised the Less is More Festival, trained as a Living Smart facilitator and speak at community events on sustainability topics, as well as volunteering. I’m also a Plastic Free July advocate. It’s great when I get the chance to meet people who read my blog in real life: like two worlds colliding! it makes me feel like the world isn’t such a big place after all.