Want to take action to live with less waste and less stuff? Keen to lessen your plastic use, lower your carbon footprint and reduce your rubbish, and want to know what steps to take?

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I have a book!

Introducing Less Stuff

A book about changing our relationship with our things, from a zero waste perspective

The clutter filling our spaces impacts on our productivity, stresses us out, keeps us stuck and stands in the way of the lives we dream about.

Less Stuff Book


A practical step-by-step program to halve your trash in 60 days.

What if you could find solutions to make the world a better place? Nurture your curiosity and creativity, connect with a whole community passionate about doing what they can to make a difference, improve your health, support independent local businesses and tread more lightly on the planet… all by reducing your rubbish and wasting a whole lot less?

Good news! You absolutely can.

“We all make choices that have the potential to create waste every day, and the opportunity to do things differently. We can be part of the problem, or we can be part of the solution.”

Lindsay Miles

Lindsay with her Keepcup

I’m so glad you’re here!

Hello, I’m Lindsay

I help others take action to live with less plastic, less waste and less stuff. In 2012 I accepted a month-long challenge to avoid plastic, and never looked back! Now I live a zero waste and plastic-free lifestyle, and teach others the steps to start the journey too. I’m a speaker, writer, author and low-waste living advocate, sharing my journey and what I learn along the way. My passion? Sharing skills and ideas; growing community and connecting with others. Doing stuff not buying stuff.



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