Hoarder Minimalist - Decluttering the Zero Waste Way

A conscientious decluttering guide for aspiring zero wasters, eco-sensitive hoarders and minimalists-in-training

(With practical steps to confidently reclaim your home, and your life...

...with less guilt, and minimal landfill.)

  • Do you love the idea of decluttering, of getting rid of the non-essentials and making space in your life for the things that are truly important?
  • Are you clear(ish) on where you want to be, but find that decluttering brings out all your resistance and hoarding tendencies? 
  • Do you struggle with where (and how) to actually start, and how to make meaningful progress? 
  • Do you care about avoiding waste, and hold onto things that you know you don’t need because you can’t bear the thought of throwing them in the bin? 
  • Would you like to find a way of letting go of stuff that doesn’t mean contributing to landfill, or overloading the charity shops? 
  • Do you want to let go of the guilt that your stuff gives you, create order and calm in your home and free up your time? 
  • Do you want a step-by-step plan that means you can tackle the clutter head-on?

Introducing the Hoarder Minimalist eGuide Bundle


  • You don’t find decluttering easy, but you can see that letting go of excess stuff is necessary if you are to create more space and meaning in your life.
  • You want to take back control : you no longer want your time, your energy and your money to be wasted on stuff you don’t even need.
  • You want to declutter, but you care about where things end up when you let them go from your home. Simply bagging things up and dumping them is not an option for you. You recognize the embedded value in things, and care about waste and our impact this stuff has on the planet, whilst still wanting to live with less.
  • You’re not interested in pursuing “house beautiful”, with rooms that are worthy of magazine covers: you want to make the most of what you have, figure out what you need and let go of the rest . You want functional, reasonable and practical, without pursuing the extremes.
  • You are determined to make changes, and you want step-by-step support to help you get there. You want to begin the journey and find your own path.

"Decluttering before starting on my sustainability journey would have been so much easier! I would have just put everything I didn’t want into garbage bags to take to an Op shop, and thrown anything leftover straight to landfill without a second thought! But since becoming aware about the environmental and human health impact our society's consumption patterns have, I had been putting off addressing the clutter in our apartment. I couldn’t bear the thought of my stuff sitting in landfill, never decaying. Reading Hoarder Minimalist has helped me tackle the task of simplifying my possessions with confidence. Lindsay helped me realise that items that have come to the end of their life and aren’t being used are just as much a waste of resources sitting at the back of the cupboard as they are in landfill. Importantly, Hoarder Minimalist also helped me with practical ideas on what to do with a lot of the items to make sure they get a new life rather than being wasted."

- Sarah Gray, Australia


  • A solid foundation, so you're absolutely clear about what you want from your life and how decluttering will bring your closer to your dreams and goals. 
  • Key hurdles identified that keep wannabe declutterers stuck, giving you the skills to spot them before they happen, and the confidence to overcome them. 
  • An actionable plan of attack that delivers results. No skipping straight from the ‘before’ to the ‘after’ with no mention of ‘how’ here!  
  • A foolproof method for choosing the best place to start (that takes any guesswork out) to see results quickly and build momentum. 
  • Guilt-free decluttering: an entire section dedicated to letting go of your items responsibly, so you can feel reassured that your unwanted items have a new lease of life, rather than languishing in storage or destined for landfill.
  • The 6 truths that will be the difference between remaining stuck in an endless decluttering cycle and finally breaking free and creating lasting change.




Whether you're a dreamer, a schemer or a planner, the Workbook complements the main book and invites you to clarify your intentions, turn ideas into actions and enjoy the process!


Keep tabs on your successes, your struggles and the goals you set to keep you focussed, build momentum and stay on track.


Prompts, planners, worksheets and checklists: what you need to really start implementing the ideas and make them turn into action.


The opportunity to take the journey outline presented in Hoarder Minimalist and make it a roadmap specific to you: your dreams, your plans and your goals.


Get really clear on the specifics of your life, explore what you're passionate about, and tailor this journey to you.


The Workbook comes with a printable roadmap which clearly outlines all the stages and steps, and allows you to tick them off as you progress.

Sorting, cleaning, tidying, and shopping aren't your idea of fun ways to spend the weekend. 

You want to spend less time doing the boring stuff, and spend more time on the things that matter. Things like spending time with friends and family, enjoying hobbies, and pursuing your dreams.

Mess and clutter stands in the way of your productivity, stressing you out and keeping you stuck. Your stuff stands in the way of the life you dream about. 

"Lindsay’s books helped me to go from wanting to declutter my house to actually doing it. It is a comprehensive guide to finding what is the right amount of stuff for you. I want to live with less possessions, but care that I let go of items I no longer need in a responsible way. I definitely struggle with guilt of having things that I don't use. Hoarder Minimalist made me realise that those feelings were what was holding me back from decluttering beforehand. The story of Lindsay's own journey and the positive affirmations made the process of clearing out a room much less stressful. While I still have a long way to go in becoming a minimalist, I already feel a degree of freedom from not holding onto items that I never use and knowing that they are being better used elsewhere."

- Jasmine Morris, Australia

A Word from Lindsay

Decluttering doesn't come naturally to everybody: it can be hard to let go of stuff, especially if we've spent a lifetime accumulating it. It definitely didn’t come naturally to me. The first time I tried to declutter, I set myself a goal of finding 100 things in 3 days. I spent three whole days going through my entire home... and I managed around 80 things!

I wanted to badly to get rid of my stuff, yet I just couldn't bring myself to part with anything. (So much so, that when my husband threw some non-working pens in the bin, I took them all out and re-tested them - every single one - just in case there was one that still worked.) 

I was racked with guilt, fearful I might regret donating something, and adamant that nothing would end up in landfill. Yet with persistence and a few wrong turns, I found that there is a way.

If you're holding back because decluttering doesn't come naturally to you, let me assure you - I've been there. If you've tried to declutter in the past and found it stressful and overwhelming, I can completely relate. I've been there too.

I’ve experienced the struggles and the challenges and the frustration first-hand. I’ve also experienced the wins and the successes and the triumphs, and I know that a life with less stuff is possible, even when decluttering doesn’t come naturally. If I can do it, anybody can! 

There's no need to hold onto any previous false starts or mis-steps. The past doesn't matter: the time is now. Start afresh. 

Book + Workbook + Planner eBundle. Your investment: AU$26.95

Hoarder Minimalist offers the structure, motivation and support to guide you as you decide what to let go of, how to let go of it, ad how to break the cycle. You don't have to do this alone.

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Decluttering doesn't have to be a never-ending process.

It can be challenging, and it can take time,

but there is an end, and you can get there.

Take the right approach, and there is no need to be decluttering forever.


Workbooks and planners not your thing?

If you'd like to read the main book without the extras and don't want to pay for stuff you don't need, the Hoarder Minimalist eGuide is available to purchase separately for $19.95. 


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