Less than two weeks to go…

Exciting times…the Less is More Festival 2014 is less than two weeks away! There will be more than 23 presenters facilitating 30 unique workshops talking all things sustainable lifestyle-related. There will be drop-in sessions for hands on activities like deodorant and toothpaste making and sewing, there will be eco movie screenings, and for the first time there will be a whole day of kids activities too! It’s going to be awesome!

I haven’t had much time to blog in the last few weeks because I’ve been manically trying to prepare for the Festival. January seems to be the month when the Festival finally consumes me, and it is currently taking almost every moment of my spare time. Of course, when you try to organise a Festival in your spare time you should probably expect that might happen, but I am somewhat relieved to think that the end is sight. Planning began way back in August, so I have been preoccupied with the Festival for a long time, and I’m looking forward to being occupied by something else for a while!

I’m super excited about this year’s event, and it’s been great being able to learn from last year and build on that success. The main focus for this year has been getting the word out there, and the Festival has a beautiful shiny website, and new branding that looks fantastic. Last year our advertising material consisted of a flyer that was knocked up in an afternoon using Paint when it was realised rather too late in the show that we had nothing to advertise the Festival. It did the job admirably given the circumstances, but it’s great this year to have been able to put some thought into what I want to say and make the Festival look really appealing.

The other exciting development this year, which comes from having advertising material that is so good we want everyone to see it, is that the Earth Carers applied for and were able to get a grant from Lottery West to run some adverts for the Festival in the local newspapers. Yesterday’s paper had the first one!

newspaperadpostHow great does that look?!

In fact, it all looks so great that I’m going to take the opportunity to share some more bits and pieces!

LIMF_logo_RGB_3rdP-01 NewsAd1 NewsAd2Flyer JPGFB_Banner_LIM_851x340pxBannerJPGI’m so proud of how slick the branding looks. Of course I’m proud because I want the event to look great and appeal to as many people as possible, but also because all of this was created by my super talented sister, who happens to be a graphic designer. She has done such an amazing job that I wanted to share.

So if you’re in Perth, come along on the day. The timetable is finalised and will be published any day now. And if you’re not in Perth, stay tuned and I will tell you all about it two weeks from now!

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  1. triciaeco2
    triciaeco2 says:

    I wish Perth wasn’t so far from the east coast – I’d be there in a flash ;-)

    Sounds like a great series of workshops. And I especially love the festival name. I write a weekly column for the Newcastle herald called ‘Less is more’.

    Good luck with the last minute organising and the event itself. I’m looking forward to hearing how it went.

    • treadingmyownpath
      treadingmyownpath says:

      Thanks! I’m really pleased with the workshops we have this year – best year yet in my opinion : )

      There’s so many awesome things that go on over your side that I miss out on – why is this country so big?!

      Looking forward to sharing the day on the blog : )

  2. Lois Field
    Lois Field says:

    I’m on the other side of the country so unfortunately I won’t be there, but I am excited to see a festival called Less is More. I can’t wait to hear the details afterwards and learn more. Good luck I hope everything goes smoothly for everyone.

    • treadingmyownpath
      treadingmyownpath says:

      Thanks. I don’t know if you looked at the Workshops page on the website – I’m really pleased with how many great sessions there are on offer. I just wish I could go to them all myself! That’s the problem of organising the day – I miss out on a lot of them too! But it’s great being able to share with the community. And I will share on the blog once the day is over.

      • Lois Field
        Lois Field says:

        I did look over the workshops on the website, lovely site too. I wish I could attend, we have nothing like that here. The closest is the Mother Earth News festival that comes in the fall which I want to attend this year.

  3. Mahtab
    Mahtab says:

    I can’t wait to attend the festival. It sounds very interesting. I heard it from my work colleague. I am glad he mentioned it. Good on you, keep up the good job.


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